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Our Astro Gold Facebook community is growing larger and larger every day — the only thing missing is you. Join in the conversation today!

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Both Mac and mobile software with high precision calculations. Now available on Mac! From the creators of Solar Fire. Mobile software with high precision calculations.

Look no further! I have written many Windows desktop astrology programs and even more PHP astrology scripts, which can be run through any browser.

Featured: Top 10 Astrology Apps For Android

All these programs and scripts are freely available on my website. This page contains information about the various astrology apps I now have for Android devices.

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Most of these apps are also available through Google Play and even Amazon - but not all. Natal Charts with Transits is an app that allows you to enter birth data and then generate a full natal report for that person.

What are the best horoscope apps for Android?

Also included are transit interpretations for that person, for any date of choice these transit features are the same as found in my Transits apps below. In addition, you can also view a natal chartwheel and a transit-natal bi-wheel to see the actual astrological configurations. Download the current stable Natal Charts. This version has two methods for inputting birth info - use the one that works best on your device.


As far as iPhemeris goes, well, I just left that one out all together and that was my fault—I simply forgot it was there on my phone! To help you narrow down the list, below are ten astrology apps for Android that are worth checking out. The interpretations vary from very poor to good, but the astrological details about the chart are extensive. It is quite challenging to use, but has more capabilities than most other free software. Our Astro Gold Facebook community is growing larger and larger every day — the only thing missing is you.

Natal Chart Meanings is an app that gives you the meaning of every planetary aspect, planet in sign, planet in house, or any rising sign. This is an excellent way to learn astrology as you build your knowledge of astrological keywords and influences.

Kundli Software LeoTouch | Best Kundli Software for Android

An extensive list of keywords is also included. Allen Edwall All programs copyrighted.

So much better. If you love astrology and all of its cosmic insights but haven't yet had the pleasure of figuring out how to calculate your birth chart , well, let me tell you: Your astrology obsession has only just begun.


Everyday horoscopes are generally based on sun signs alone, which is only the very tip of the massive astrology iceberg. But everyone has a sign for every other planet in the astrology solar system, too think moon and rising signs , Venus and Mars signs, etc. Plus, a birth chart will also show you things like the relationship between your planets' placements and what signs your 12 houses of the zodiac fall in, all of which will give you a much clearer picture of how astrology influences your life.

Hitting up a professional astrologer for a birth chart reading is going to give you the real-deal insights that would be hard to figure out on your own it's like the enlightenment-equivalent of at least a few months worth of therapy, IMO!!!! That said, if you're looking for a Millennial-age quick-fix and want to start exploring your astrology solo, there are lots of apps for reading your birth chart that you can start surfing riiiiiight now, from the palm of your hand and the comfort of your couch.

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It sure is good to be a 21st century witch. So, first thing's first: Make sure you have your exact birth date, time, and place text your parents and request they check your birth certificate pronto, if necessary! It all counts, so no guesstimating if you can help it.